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"Bonne Kramer, in five different roles, brings enthusiasm to the enterprise..." 


"In another first, Kramer, and accomplished bassoon player, plays her instrument on stage. In between, Kramer has played the role she was born into, a natural ham…Bonne applied herself to the role of Cinderella’s stepmother like a coat of nail polish while also performing Jack’s mother and playing the bassoon…"


"Actress played by Bonne Kramer, who "lights up the stage" with her  presence and lovely singing as the many female characters she portrays  throughout the evening." 



“… an accomplished cast ... Nobody exemplifies this better than Bonne Kramer, who plays five roles in the show. Her purposely-cutesy acting is quite enjoyable.”



 "...joined by Bonne Kramer, who capably essays several  female roles." 


“Ms. Kramer’s bassoon is particularly fine, adding some unsettling harmonies to the action…the simplicity and immediacy of the instrumentation let the vocal performances shine right through to the sweetly poignant ending…”

         Fiasco Theatre's Into the Woods National Tour       
*Helen Hayes Award  *LA Outer Critics Circle Award  *Ovation Award 
Mamma Mia! National Tour
as Tanya and Rosie
Jack's Mom (Photo by Joan Marcus)
Photo by Joan Marcus
Photo by Joan Marcus
Fred Rose and James Lapine
Playing bassoon
Photo by Joan Marcus
Jack's Mom
Cast with Joanna Gleason
Playing bassoon
Cast backstage at the Ahmanson
Photo by Joan Marcus
Rajiv Joseph
Photo by Joan Marcus
Ahmanson Opening Night
Photo by Joan Marcus
Photo by Joan Marcus
Photo by Joan Marcus
Photo by Joan Marcus
Photo by Joan Marcus
Final Bow in Dallas
Photo by Joan Marcus
Photo by Joan Marcus
Mamma Mia!-Super Trouper
Intermission Sunday
Promo for Mamma Mia
Take A Chance On Me
Pepper and Tanya
Take A Chance On Me
First night on as Tanya!
Dancing Queen Finale
Under Attack with Sky
Press for Fox
First Wall Tag, New Haven
Mamma Mia!-Super Trouper
Mamma Mia!-Rosie Backstage
Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!-First night as Tanya!
Mamma Mia!-Finale
Dancing Queen
Rosie understudies duking it out
Under Attack w/Donna
Under Attack Costume at the Bob Carr
"Voulez Vous" costume
Tanya and Rosie
Rosie in dressing room
Rosie and Bill
Super Trouper
Rosie in Bogota
First night as Rosie!
Judy Craymer and Bonne Kramer
Voulez Vous Ensemble shot
Promo for Mamma Mia, Bogota
Fox Morning News
Signing Autographs for Mamma Mia
NPR in Grand Rapids
Production Photos and Headshots
Avenue Q., Taffetas, Broadway Jr.
Ungrateful Cat
Working with Julie Andrews
Judy Craymer and Bonne Kramer
Bassoon action
Ungrateful Cat
Ungrateful Cat
Ungrateful Cat
Ungrateful Cat
Ungrateful Cat
Ungrateful Cat
Ungrateful Cat
Ungrateful Cat
Ungrateful Cat
Promo Shot
Recording at Audible
Ungrateful Cat
Promo Shot
Filming Ungrateful Cat
Dance Recital
Cast of Gift of Music
Performing with PHISH!
Rock Gig in Bogota, Columbia
Promo shot
Promo shot
Opening Night Dallas Summer Musicals
Recording at Audible
Recording at Audible
Benefit Cabaret Concert in Pittsburgh
NPR interview for Mamma Mia
Fox News
Signing Autographs
NPR in Grand Rapids
Kate Monster!
Kate Monster
Cast of Ave. Q
Green Screening for Ave. Q
Lucy and Kate
Producer Steve Gabriel and Bonne
Kate working the camera
Lucy T. Slut
Cast of Ave. Q
Playing Edwina in Dear Edwina
Playing Edwina in Dear Edwina
Alone on Stage
"Be a star!"
Poi Ball grand finale
Playing Edwina in Dear Edwina
Stephen Sondheim!


BasSOON It Will Be Christmas 

Headlining w/

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SNL Reel

Into the Woods Broadway National Tour 

Mamma Mia!

North American Broadway National Tour

Jazz, Benefit Concerts, Theatrical

"American Boy"

Cabaret at Davenport's, Chicago, IL

Bassoon Reel

Ungrateful Cat (Parody Music Video)

Avenue Q National Commercial


Voice over

Commercial Demo

Character/Animation Demo

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Bonne plays "Girl" Messenger

Bonne voices Yoke and Announcer

A Bio of Sorts...


•B.A., magna cum laude, University of Tampa Musical Theatre Program


•Bassoon player (Columbia University Orchestra, "Bonne Bassoon and the Juniper Nanas", SymphonNY Chorus)


•Sporty! Softball, tennis, roller skating, ping pong 


•Stock market investor wannabe


•Had a pot-bellied pet pig named Bagel 


•Obsessed with Paul Simon 


•Daughter of a Jewish Christmas tree farmer


•An imitator (imitating any and all since her 5th grade talent show where she did impersonations of all her teachers for the entire school)


•Swing Dancer


•LOVES the ocean, waterfalls, and anything nature


•Marching Band sousaphone/tuba player 


•Will probably be a Park Ranger one day


•NPR fan 

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